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What is City Active?

City Active is a centralised software platform developed to compliment a City’s Sport and Physical Activity strategy and to help make the world become a more active place.

As urban areas rapidly expand, interest surrounding non-communicable diseases (NCDs) due to inactivity is at a record high. From young children to senior citizens a trend of inactivity and a lack of doorstep solutions has led to a growing set of issues that are now a worldwide concern.

It’s our goal to support the modern city by implementing a technical solution and help them build towards a healthier city with more active communities.

City Active was founded on the belief that technology can have a major role to play in the promotion of an active life. Our new City Active platform is designed to be a powerful, all encompassing framework to allow modern cities to promote and manage a city wide active solution, accessible to all its residents.

Our Core Goals

Improve Public Health

The current lack of easy access to physical activities is causing serious health problems (NCDs) around the world, many of which could be avoided.

Grow Your Active Offering

As communities become more involved in sports and activities, the demand for activity supply increases, helping grow local economies and businesses.

Increase Awareness

To help public health administrators understand the effects of improved levels of activity and the financial savings that can be made at a healthcare level.

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A Shared Goal

Action is currently being taken by various organisations.

The Active Well-being Initiative has created a systematic model to help cities build a framework of integrated initiatives to start addressing these issues. They have successfully started supporting 20+ major cities worldwide.

The World Health Organisation has created a global action plan on physical activity 2018 – 2030. Their target is a 15% relative reduction in the global prevalence of physical inactivity in adults and in adolescents by 2030.

It’s our plan to support the efforts of these organisations and others by aligning our goals and introduce a practical technological solution to help realise the initiatives set. 

If you share these goals and want to learn more about the problems that countries, cities and citizens face with growing barriers to an active lifestyle please follow the link below.

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“Played were fantastically reactive and very accommodating to the ways of working at PHE. The work was of high quality and really drove the success of the final product.”

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