City Active Solution

Combining our technology and expertise our platform directly tackles the barriers to an active lifestyle.


The Platform

Our City Active platform has been developed to help sport and health administrations create more active communities, promote local suppliers and gain more insight.

The platform acts as a home to provide your communities with a simple to use central hub to discover and book activities and to inspire activity within your region. We integrate with existing booking systems and provide an easy to use solution for suppliers who don’t use one yet.

The platform also helps you showcase active events, news on health and ideas for a new active lifestyle.

Help people help themselves to lead a healthy lifestyle

A fully customisable system to fit within your City scape

A single place to advertise your cities active offering


Key Features: For Activity Providers

Streamline Bookings

Activity Providers can use the state of the art booking and payment system provided by City Active for no cost. 

Find More Customers

Through the discovery website providers can attract a whole new range of customers looking to become more active.

Improve Marketing Reach

By using third party apps such as Instagram providers can boost their reach to a wider untapped audience. 

Key Features: For Citizens


Discover Activities

A simple to use search tool to help citizens discover activities around them and be inspired to become more physically (and mentally) active.

Become Healthier

An easier way for people to help themselves. Activities suited to people of all ages make it fun for everyone to get involved and improve their lifestyle. 

Find Events and Info

Not only a place to find activities the home hub can be used to host events, post local news and engage the community further, helping them becoming more active.

Key Features: For Government 

Actively Engage Citizens

A powerful tool with the goal of helping sports and health administration promote a more active lifestyle to their citizens.

Gain Community Insight

Get deeper insight into the communities within your city. With data and analytics tools at your disposal you can apply better interventions.

Promote Events

Do more than encourage an active lifestyle, start new local events and create compelling content to energise your city.


City Active Software Breakdown

Sport & Physical Activity Supply

A complete software platform for all Activity Providers city or conuntry wide.

360 Booking System

This platform gives you flexibility to create, edit or cancel bookings. All booking slots can be created and edited in seconds giving you total control over your listings. It also allows you to make quick bookings from telephone and walk in customers. 


Connect your your choice of payment provider and receive instant payments from your customers directly into you account.


No need to manage your customers, our database will keep everything organised for you.


We have out of the box tools to help you connect with your customers and encourage them back to booking with you.

Manage Admins

This backend also serves as a hub to manage your administration infrastructure such as facility or session operators

Discovery Website

A home for your citizens to discover sports and activities.

Custom Content

Our backend CMS is set up as a simple to use template builder that give you great functionality for whatever content you are trying to create. No developer skills required!

Facility & Session Search

Our activity finder gives your residents the ability to find local sessions or sports facilities in just a couple of clicks.

Bookings & Payments

Our fully automated booking system will allow you to redirect resources where they are really needed. 

Custom Set Up

Our developers will build the initial platform and set up to make it simple for you to get running instantly.

Local Events

This events web template will allow you to engage users in an alternative why by posting local or city wide events for your users.

Community Links

Help existing infrastructure by linking to their information or website.

News and Articles

Keep your users up to date with the latest news that is relevant to you and your business. Post relevant articles to further engage your users and create links directly to acitivties and sports.

Page Templates

We have created a range of templates (from news to events) to help make it easy for you to build the custom content you require.

Insight & Analytics

Gain a better understanding of how active your communities are through realtime data.


Let the data help you make informed decisions when building an infrastructure for your active city.

Data and Reporting

We can also set up custom reports to help you break down the relevant data that you need.

Marketing Insights

Access your marketing tool box and take a look at there third party analytics for a more detiled insight to what work for you

Financial Reports

Download reports on all financial transactions to find the value in the services you offer.

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