The Problem

The true cost of inactivity spans a wide variety of issues
from physical and mental to social and financial. 

People across all ages and economic standings are becoming increasingly affected without support and intervention. 

The Cost of Physical Inactivity

$ Global yearly cost in direct health care (2013)

% Inactive people per city (average)

Yearly deaths from NDC's (2019)

Largest Global Killer

“Globally, physical inactivity is estimated to cost INT$ 54 billion in direct health care, in 2013, of which 57% is incurred by the public sector and an additional INT$ 14 billion is attributable to lost productivity . Estimates from both high-income, as well as low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) indicate that between 1–3% of national health care expenditures are attributable to physical inactivity. These estimates are recognised to be conservative due to limitations in available data and the exclusion of costs associated with mental health and musculoskeletal conditions. Further, the costs to society outside of the health system, such as potential environmental benefits from increased walking, cycling and use of public transport, and associated reduction in use of fossil fuel, are not yet included in a total impact assessment.

Failure to recognise and invest in physical activity as a priority within NCD prevention and treatment represents a missed opportunity. Ongoing inaction will see the costs of physical inactivity continue to rise, contributing to further negative impact on health systems, the environment, economic development, community well-being and quality of life for all.”  – World Health Organisation


A Disconnected Ecosystem


35% say poor online discovery is a major barrier to participation.

Sport and PA Supply

65% of facilities and programmes not searchable and bookable online.


95% do not have accurate data on 
physical activity levels.

Impact of the current scenario:

Can’t find suitable activities for their needs.


Not efficiently meeting demand.

Sport and PA Supply

Have less active communities.



Together We Can Achieve

Our platform is a central tool in helping people to become healthier and happier. Partnering with forward thinking City officials, we can provide more local options for people across all ages and circumstances and start creating more active communities.


Increased participation in sport and physical activity

Increased accessibility to well-being facilities

Lower prevalence of NCDs and mental disorders

Citizens adopt active, healthy lifestyles

Enhanced social inclusion

A great place to live with positive communication

Improve Public Health


Reduction in Non Communicable Diseases over 5 years
Grow your Active Offering


More active people over a 5 year period
Increase Awareness


Inspired to make an active change by understanding the benefits

Our Solution
Discover our platform and the features that can help your city become more active.


About Played

We make software that helps people get active. Since we were founded in 2017 we have worked with great organisations helping to connect their communities to sport and physical activity. Our products are accessible and easy to use and are effective at both a local and national level. We are the leading provider of open-data powered platforms in the UK (


We Support:

National and Local Government

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